recolorable E17 theme


The wonderful window manager Enlightenment 17 comes with a beautiful dark theme featuring a blue glow.
But as blue is not everyones favorite color, we have been working hard to calibrate our crystals and provide you the possibility to see your favorite window manager in a new light and shiny new colors.
So finally, here it is: rElightable - the default theme in changable colors.

Get rElightable!

Grab the theme for E17 here.
(for the current git version of E18, you may want to use rElightable-e18pre - which will be updated from time to time as the default themes changes)

How To Change The Main Color

  1. Open Enlightenment Settings -> Colors
  2. Select "Focus" Color
  3. Set the desired color and accept

Fixed Color Version

If you prefer to save some CPU cycles, you might want to look into the supplementary project: rElighted - the default theme prepacked for fixed colors.

Technical Background

All this is based on a simple script (see #2057) using

to repack the E17 default theme.

Source Code

The source code of this theme is available here.


If you are interested in this project or want to comment on it, feel free to contact me at relightable!

Many thanks go to Alberto 'Duma' Verdoja, who came up with the great idea of a freely colorable version and pointed out, how to implement this in Edje.